KHA has a place for people who are ready to reach new heights!

KHA Believes In The Power Of Relationships

A Place for Working Moms

Working moms talk about how KHA helps them balance the priorities of parenthood with full-time employment, and how they are able to stay engaged with their children while still furthering their professional careers.

KHA’s Work-Life Balance

Two employees discuss KHA’s family atmosphere and commitment to a healthy work-life balance, the short commute, management’s open-door policy, and the merit-based promotion system.

Careers in Assurance at KHA

Two staff members from the Assurance team talk about how they have developed their skill set at KHA, and the open doors of opportunity at the company for continued career growth.

Meet This Firm: KHA Accountants

Jeff Phillips, CEO of Accountingfly, interviews Jennifer Sicking, CPA, PFS about what makes KHA Accountants so unique and a great place to work.