Personal Financial Planning

KHA Accountants, PLLC provides financial planning on an hourly rate fee structure. We provide advice on how to properly plan for current and future life events with a comprehensive view of your personal financial situation. We do not provide investment advice.

What is a PFS?
PFS, or Personal Financial Specialist, is the financial planning specialty credential issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) exclusively to qualified CPAs with proven expertise and experience in comprehensive personal financial planning. The AICPA is the premier professional association for CPAs in the U.S. and has more than 350,000 members. You must be a CPA member in good standing of the AICPA before you can obtain the PFS Credential.

Why is PFS a preferred choice among financial planning credentials?

  • PFS is granted exclusively to CPAs who are members in good standing of AICPA
  • PFS Credential holders demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the core areas of financial planning
  • To obtain the credential, professionals must meet stringent requirements with professional work experience, education and training, and must pass an examination that tests their financial planning knowledge.
  • CPA/PFS credential holders have the knowledge and expertise in related areas, such as tax, accounting and business management. This ensures that your needs are more fully met through an integrated, holistic approach.

What are other reasons I should hire a CPA who holds a PFS Credential?
Studies by independent groups have repeatedly shown that CPAs are among the most trusted advisors to the public. As such, CPAs have built a reputation of the last 100 years as a profession that provides competent, ethical and trustworthy advice. As a client, you can count on objective financial planning advice that will always meet your best interests.

Personal financial planning is a core competency for CPAs, and PFS is the only personal financial planning credential that is specifically designed for CPAs and the unique perspective we bring to the practice.

How do CPAs qualify for the PFS Credential?
To obtain a PFS, a CPA must prove broad-based knowledge and business expertise in several core areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • The personal financial planning process
  • Personal Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management Planning

The CPA must also pass an intensive qualifying examination and commit to lifelong learning requirements.